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Journals worth reading - Livejournal reviews
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Membership is only open to those who wish to be REVIEWERS. In order to be allowed access please follow the steps to become a reviewer.
This is our Scoring System <--- CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

This journal is a place that you can:
1) If you want to be reviewed <---- CLICK HERE

It will be reviewed as soon as possible. You must request to be reviewed. You can not ask one of the reviewers to randomly review your journal. They will be done in the order recieved. They will also be randomly assigned. Please do not comment to one of the reviewers asking them to review your journal. Thank you.
Please be patient. It may not be reviewed right away, but it will be reviewed.

2) If you want to review journals <-----CLICK HERE

you can do that here as well. You must tell me how many you want to do a week.

All reviews will be honest and straighforward. Reveiwers can say anything they like about your journal, but they have to be honest. In order to be a reviewer I have to add you to the members list. Only people that want to be reviewers will be added to the community. I did this because it would probably be easier to maintain who is reviewing what journal. If you feel your journal did not get a fair judgement, you can go request that it be reviewed again.

Rules for the Community.

If you want to be reviewed

* You must request to be reviewed. DO NOT contact members and ask them to review your journal specifically.
* IF you are UNHAPPY with the LONG WAIT to be reviewed.. you can OFFER TO REVIEW journals yourself, on a long term or temporary basis,so yours can be done as soon as possible. (On that note - if you are a reviewer, it will STILL be done in the order that it was recieved, you DO NOT jump to the front of the line automatically).
* I usually don't assign someone on your friends list to review you, as I like to have the reviews be unbiased and fair as possible. That way you get a fair and accurate review.
Once you place your name in the pool to be reviewed, it may not get done right away, They are assigned in the order received. However it is the reviewers speed that is the factor. Please don't think we have forgotten about you
*If you are not pleased with your review, I ask that you do not harass the reviewer in the community or their personal journal. I will ban you from the community. I ask that you instead ask to be re-reviewed. Also if you direct your friends here to harass the reviewer, I will ban them as well. Please lets make this experience as pleasant and as non confrontational as possible. If you can not handle criticism I ask that you do not place your journal to be reviewed.

If you want to review/or you are reviewing already
* Please follow the link to fill out the form to become a reviewer.
* I will comment if your application has been approved. Please check this link to approve your invitation -
Since they changed from the old format, I cannot automatically add anyone.. You have to accept my invitations here -

*You can see the list of people waiting to be reviewed at the community for Reviewers - ljreviewers
*Reviews are not assigned and are given out as a list, please choose which ones you would like to review in the comments section of the post.
*Please get the reviews you have choosen done as soon as you can
*Try to get the ones that have been waiting longest done first, as I know its probably been a LONG wait.
*Since there are so many people wanting to be reviewed against the reviewers. I ask that you do not review any random journals, especially those of your friends, unless there are no more left.. AT ALL. If no one else wants to be reviewed in the community, then try to find your own reviews. It annoys those waiting in line. You do not get the emails from this community. However if you want me to direct all complaints to you, I will be happy to forward them to you, and you can review whomever you like as long as you deal with all the complaints from those already in line, and whom the people you are reviewing are cutting in front of. Some people have been waiting for awhile now. So please be considerate.
*Please do not choose your friends to review because I want the reviews to be unbiased and fair. If they are on your friends list, they are someone you like to read anyway. So you probably won't say anything to anger them. So giving them an F would not be something you would do.

If you do not abide by the rules, I will exclude you from the community